Many works in the Permanent and Public Art collections were brought to MIT through the List’s Percent-for-Art program. 

Planned in collaboration with MIT Facilities, the Percent-for-Art Program allots 2%, up to $250,000, to commission art for each new major renovation or building project. The program was formally instituted in 1968 but earlier collaborations between artists and architects can be found on the Institute’s campus.  Today, the List maintains one of the most active Percent-for-Art programs in the country, with new commissions bringing significant work to campus annually. 

Recent commissions include Cai Guo-Qiang’s Ring Stone (2010), Anish Kapoor’s Non-object (Plane) (2010), Sarah Sze’s Blue Poles (2004-2006),  Antony Gormley’s CHORD (2015), and Leo Villareal’s Light Matrix (MIT) (2016).