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  • List Projects: Ann Hirsch

    Ann Hirsch’s work in video and performance considers the effects of technology on popular culture; many of her projects examine how young women are portrayed and present themselves in social media and online.

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    List Projects: Narrative Color

    List Projects: Narrative Color considers the relationship between color and narrative in a small selection of artists’ films and videos made since 1970. The works’ contents and structures are diverse, ranging from investigations into capital and ideology in postwar Germany to Hollywood melodrama and contemporary fashion.

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  • MIT List Visual Arts Center 30th Anniversary

    Our 30th anniversary season includes Rosa Barba’s first U.S. museum solo exhibition, as well as a collaboration with the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy to commission a new mural by Lawrence Weiner for downtown Boston’s Dewey Square Park.  This year’s Max Wasserman Forum focuses on public art and features Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn as keynote speaker.

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