Here is a listing of  articles, reviews, and other media coverage of the List’s exhibitions and programs.

  1. Lary 7 Ensemble in Performance at MIT List Visual Arts Center

    In Review: Henry Flynt + Lary 7 Ensemble | National Sawdust | Steven Smith

  2. Maria Vedder, PAL oder Never the Same Colour, 1988

    Before Projection: Video Sculpture 1974-1995_Best of 2018_Artforum Year End Issue_Ed Halter

  3. Exhibition installation view of Introducing Tony Conrad: A Retrospective at MIT List Visual Arts Center

    Anti-Authoritian Art in an Authoritarian Age Non-Event Series Presents Henry Flynt, Lary 7, and Damon & Naomi @ MIT's LIST Center | Boston Hassle | Chris Hughes

  4. Installation view: Before Projection: Video Sculpture 1974-1995

    Be a Body: Shows Around New York Take Up the Materiality of Screen-Based Work | ARTNews | Rabel Aima

  5.  Kapwani Kiwanga , Jalousie, 2018

    Kapwani Kiwanga Wins 2018 Sobey Art Award | Artforum