Our Supporters

Installation view of a opening reception of the 2022 exhibition Symbionts at the MIT List Visual Arts Center.

Opening reception Symbionts: Contemporary Artists and the Biosphere, 2022.

The List Center Advisory Committee and staff extend our gratitude to the following donors for their contributions during the fiscal year from July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023. Philanthropy ensures the success of the List Center and our ability to present outstanding programs.

Thank you for your generous support

Exhibition Sponsors ($25,000 and above)

Fotene & Tom Coté
Audrey & James Foster
Idee German Schoenheimer
Joyce Linde
Cynthia & John Reed
Sara Ann & Robert Sanders

Chairperson’s Council ($10,000–$24,999)

Amy & David Abrams
Karen & Greg Arenson
Brit d'Arbeloff
Carlsberg Foundation
Jacques & Natasha Gelman Foundation
Harpo Foundation
Elizabeth Johnson
Patricia LaValley & Geoff Hargadon
Massachusetts Cultural Council
Lucy Moon Lim & Richard Lim
Patrizia & Leonard Schrank
Jeanne & Donald Stanton
Thoma Foundation

Presenter ($5,000–$9,999)

Barbara Cherubini
Deli Gallery
Patricia Dellorfano
Anne Fitzpatrick
John Frishkopf
Ann & Graham Gund
Olga & John Guttag
Joan Lewis
Beth & Rick Marcus
Robert Nagle
Hyun-A Park & Jacob Friis
Rachel Somer
Jean & Eugene Stark
Charlotte & Herbert Wagner

MIT Departments

Council for the Arts at MIT
Philip Khoury
   Office of Associate Provost
McDermott Award Donors
Hashim Sarkis
   School of Architecture and Planning

Leaders ($1,500–$4,999)

Murray Abramson
Steve Baker & Gavin Kennedy
Nanette E. Boileau
Yng-Ru Chen
Lindsay & Charles Coolidge
Steve Corkin & Dan Maddalena
Shelley & Mark Derby
Susanne Ghez
Vivien & Alan Hassenfeld
Mindy Home & Drew Katz
Lisa & Stephen Lebovitz
Carol LeWitt
Eva Lundsager & Paul Ha
Beth & Eric Schlager
Kelly Sherman & Daniel Goldsmith
David Solo
Rachel & Tony Solomons
Terry & Rick Stone
Dianne Zeskind

Friends of Boston Art ($500–$1,499)

Libby Blank
Michael Bonafilia
Suelin Chen & David Strasfeld
Happy & Bob Doran
Alice Kimm & John Friedman
Karen Ho
Leila Kinney
Marianne Lazarus
Colleen & Howard Messing
Wendy Shattuck
Michael & Karen Rotenberg
John Hershel Rothenberg
Matt Saunders
Paula Soares & Brian Zink
Gloria Sutton & Henry Rath
Joyce Wang
Leah & Andrew Witkin
Samuel Yin

“The world knows MIT for its creative boldness, and the arts are a perfect expression of that spirit. An essential element of the Institute’s thriving arts culture, the List Visual Arts Center is a place to be surprised, invigorated and inspired.”

Sally Kornbluth, President of MIT