Here is a listing of  articles, reviews, and other media coverage of the List’s exhibitions and programs.

  1. Carissa Rodriguez, The Maid, 2018

    Drone Shots | Carissa Rodriguez’s work leads viewers to scrutinize our choices and values as they relate to video—to recording and being recorded | The Nation | Larissa Pham

  2. Dara Birnbaum, Attack Piece, 1975

    Changing Channels: Dara Birnbaum’s Televisual Art Comes into Focus | ARTNews | Alex Greenberger

  3. Carissa Rodriguez, The Maid, 2018

    Carissa Rodriguez | From Brancusi to the human embryo: an artist’s show dives into notions of reproduction | 4Columns | Alex Kitnick

  4. Joan Jonas, They Come to Us without a Word, 2015

    Joan Jonas Endures With Her Strange and Entrancing Rituals | New York Times | Farah Nayeri

  5. Installation view: Before Projection: Video Sculpture 1974-1995

    Perception and the Past: “Before Projection: Video Sculpture 1974-1995” | Big Red & Shiny | Chelsea Coon