Here is a listing of  articles, reviews, and other media coverage of the List’s exhibitions and programs.

  1. Takahiko Iimura, TV for TV, 1983

    ‘Art + Tech: A Citywide Collaboration’ casts a wide net over the Net | Boston Globe | Cate McQuaid

  2. Diana Thater, Snake River, 1994

    Boston's Cultural Institutions Explore How Technology Has Impacted Art | WBUR The Artery | Phaedra Scott

  3. Maria Vedder, PAL oder Never The Same Color, 1998

    Robot-Human Relationships? Cellphone Sofas? A Look At The 14 'Art + Tech' Exhibitions In The Boston Area | WBUR The Artery | Phaedra Scott

  4. Installation view: Heimo Zobernig: Chess Painting

    What to See in NY Galleries This Week: Heimo Zobernig | The New York Times | Will Heinrich

  5. Adam Pendleton, Just Back from Los Angeles: A Portrait of Yvonne Rainer, 2016–17

    Choreography in a Diner: Adam Pendleton’s Meeting with Yvonne Rainer | Big Red & Shiny | Josh Fischer