Here is a listing of  articles, reviews, and other media coverage of the List’s exhibitions and programs.

  1. Adam Pendleton, Just Back from Los Angeles: A Portrait of Yvonne Rainer, 2016–17

    How Adam Pendleton Is Pushing the Boundaries of What a Painter’s Work Can Say and Do | Vogue | Dodie Kazanjian

  2. Jem Cohen, Gravity Hil Newsreels: Occupy Wall Street no. 2

    Contemporary Art Daily | Civil Disobedience at MIT List Visual Arts Center

  3. Civil Disobedience_We Demand_Video Still

    The Art of Disobedience | In These Times | Abby Lynn Klinkenberg

  4. Silva_Civil Disobedience_Mass Swell_ still

    Films highlight America’s history of resistance | The Bay State Banner | Celina Colby

  5. Charlotte Moth: Postcards as Placeholders | Big Red & Shiny | Lilly Saywitz