Michael Joo

Moose antlers mounted to white wall with stainless steel

Michael Joo, Improved Rack #1 (Moose), 1999. Moose antler, stainless steel, steel, 51 x 72.5 x 35 in. Artwork, MIT List Visual Arts Center, 2003. Courtesy of Collection of William Ehrlich, New York, N.Y.

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Michael Joo
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Organized by MIT LVAC director, Jane Farver, this is the first survey of the works of NY base-artist Michael Joo.

Consisting of more than 35 works created between 1992 and 2003, the show includes sculpture, video, and works-on-paper, and will also be the world premiere of Circannual Rhythm(pibloktok), 2003, a three-screen digital video installation, shot on location in Alaska.

Joo’s art explores how science, religion, and the media shape consciousness and knit together the physical and the metaphysical. It is about energy and waste, the visible, and what cannot be seen. 

About the Artist

Joo was born in 1966 in Ithaca, NY and raised in Minnesota. He studied biology at Wesleyan University and received a BFA in sculpture from Washington University (St. Louis) in 1989 and an MFA in sculpture from Yale in 1991.