Michael Joo

2003, MIT List Visual Arts Center
Book cover for Michael Joo featuring an image of Joo's animal sculptures lined up next to one another.
2003, MIT List Visual Arts Center

71 pages, color, black and white

Exploring how science, religion and the media shape consciousness, Michael Joo’s artworks knit together the physical and the metaphysical. Matter and subject matter, energy and waste, the visible and that which cannot be seen — this is the stuff of Joo’s sculptures. His densely layered works are accretions of meaning brought about by succinctly-handled conjunctions and disjunctions in a space. This publication is the first monograph on the artist and will feature the first compilation of his own writings. A fully-illustrated 71-page catalogue. Produced by the MIT List Visual Arts Center, it features an introduction by Jane Farver, director of the MIT List Visual Arts Center, and texts by art theorist and critic Daniel Birnbaum, artist and teacher Charles Gaines, and Michael Joo. Also included are the artist’s bibliography and history of exhibitions.