Selections from the Collection

An entrance to a cosy office space with minimal abstract prints hung on the wall above a couch and chair with lamps beside.

Installation view, Selections from the Collection, MIT List Visual Arts Center, 2008 - 2009.

Dean's Gallery
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Varda Chryssa
Alex Katz
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Selections from the Collection is drawn from the List Visual Arts Center’s extensive Permanent Collection.

Selections from the Collection highlights the MIT collection’s emphasis on contemporary painting, sculpture, photography, and print media. Proper framing is crucial to the quality and longevity of many such works, and the List Visual Arts Center is grateful to the Dean’s Office of the Sloan School of Management for helping to reframe the pieces currently on display. 

Among the works on display are works by Varda Chryssa and Alex Katz. These artists each have work in the Student Loan Art Collection, a program that gives students the opportunity to borrow prints and photographs each year. 

A Greek-born artist now working in the United States, Chryssa is best known for her abstract letter sculptures, neon light tubing, and mixed media works. Alex Katz (born 1927, New York) has produced works in many media, but is particularly acknowledged for his painting, sculpture, and prints. His bold, pop-esque images and elegant reductive figuration have influenced a generation of artists. 

Marco Arce’s work was included in the show Influence, Anxiety, and Gratitude at the List Visual Arts Center in 2003. Born in 1968, Mexican-born Arce now works in New York, and is renowned for his intricate works and unabashed examination of the art world.

Jim Isermann, born in Wisconsin in 1955 and now living in Los Angeles, works in striking geometric patterns, often using tactile materials in his exploration of abstraction. His vibrant designs play with optical perception in dynamic, dizzying ways.