Nabila Irshaid: Flying Carpet

Installation view of Nabila Irshaid: Flying Carpet at MIT List Visual Arts Center, 2007.

Installation view, Nabila Irshaid: Flying Carpet, MIT List Visual Arts Center, 2007.

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Nabila Irshaid
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This work, an interactive installation and a video project, will allow visitors to be able to communicate with visitors at the Bethlehem International Peace Center and Art School at the West Bank through the use of web cams and chat postings.

In its conceptualization and implementation, Flying Carpet generates dialogue about the current political and cultural issues of the ongoing situation in the Middle East. The goal of Irshaid’s project is to create a sense of mutual understanding among people of different cultural and geographic backgrounds. Flying Carpet will link Cambridge, MA, and the city of Bethlehem by creating a virtual bridge transcending time, distance, and geography. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about themselves through cross-cultural communication with others. 


Support for this exhibition has been provided by: the Austrian Cultural Forum New York, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and the Council for the Arts at MIT. Technical support for Nabila Irshaid: Flying Carpet has been generously provided by subnet.Media Sponsor: Phoenix Media Communications Group. MIT List Visual Arts Center is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Council for the Arts at MIT