Mabou Mines: Imagination Dead Imagine (Artist-in-Residence)

A black and white photo of a ceramic sculpture. The sculpture is a cube shape with faded details, spotlit on a pedestal.

The postcard for the exhibition Mabou Mines: Imagination Dead Imagine. MIT List Visual Arts Center, 1986. 

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Mabou Mines
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Mabou Mines, founded in 1969 and based in New York City, is a collective of nine writers, directors, designers, and performers who collaborate on original theater work. 

Ruth Maleczech, a member of the collaborative theater company, Mabou Mines, and Linda Hartinian, an artist who frequently works with the company, will be in residence in the Reference Gallery of MIT’s List Visual Arts Center to present Imagination Dead Imagine and to continue their research into the uses of holography in experimental theater. Imagination Dead Imagine, based on a short novel by Samuel Beckett, is a 14-minute theatrical work directed by Ruth Maleczech featuring a large-scale hologram designed by Linda Hartinian suspended over a bier-like sculpture by L.B. Dallas, with holographic stereograms by Hart Perry.