Eva Koťátková: Out of Sight

Five rows of paper cutouts hang on strings within a large display case, against a black background.

Installation View, Eva Koťátková: Out of Sight, MIT List Visual Arts Center, 2015. Photo: Peter Harris Studio

Hayden Gallery
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Eva Koťátková
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Eva Koťátková (born 1982 in Prague) takes as her central theme the individual’s relationship to normative social structures and institutions, such as the government, school, or the family.

In her sculptures, performances, drawings, and collages, she gives form to the invisible, disciplining force exerted by rules, conventions, and rituals: Cage-like objects, acting as physical restraints for body parts, cut-out illustrations from medical textbooks, and images of people tangled up in strings are recurring motifs in her work. Poetic, darkly humorous, and occasionally ominous, Koťátková counts Czech surrealism and absurdist literature among her sources of inspiration. For this exhibition at the MIT List Visual Art’s Center, her first solo museum show in the United States, she is creating several new groups of works–from collages and drawings, to installation and sculpture–which build upon her signature visual vocabulary.

Eva Koťátková: Out of Sight is curated by Henriette Huldisch, Curator, MIT List Visual Arts Center.


Support for this exhibiiton has been generously provided by the Council for the Arts at MIT, the Office of the Associate Provost at MIT, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the MIT List Visual Arts Center Advisory Committee, and the Friends of the LIst.  Special thanks to Meyer Riegger, Berlin and Karlsruhe.