Student Lending Art Program

Student Lending Art Program Spring Returns

In accordance with MIT’s campus policy, the List Center will be modifying this year’s Student Lending Art Program return procedure.

To allow for social distancing, we are implementing an appointment sign-up system.

Students can register for a time slot in advance by visiting  here.

This is designed to keep the number of people in the space at a minimum. By staggering appointments, we can process returns quickly meaning you can avoid waiting in line.

Please note the return period will be May 3-9:

May 3-7: Monday-Friday 10:00am-6:00pm

May 8-9: Saturday-Sunday 10:00am-3:00pm

 Location: Outside Building E15, under the overhang facing MIT Medical

Thank you for helping to ensure a safe return process for the MIT Community!

We encourage you to peruse our online web portal and sign-up for our newsletter to stay updated on current programing opportunities.

MIT List Center Student Lending Art Collection Highlight: Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing # 869B

Wall Drawing #869B by Sol LeWitt consists solely of written instructions that the artist produced for others to execute. Although the idea of the work is meant to be preserved, the work itself is ephemeral.  This work is one of the over 650 works on view during the run of the exhibition available for MIT students to borrow. 


The List Center actively collects new works each year with leadership support provided by the Alan M. May Fund and the John Taylor Endowment.

Support for the program is provided by the Office of Graduate Education, Vera G. List, MIT’s Campus Activities Complex, MIT List Friends of Boston Art, Stanhope Framers, and the Council for the Arts at MIT.

In 2018–2019 the List Center received gifts of art from Cynthia and Michael Weisfield, Olga and John Guttag, Carlos de la Torre, Audrey and James Foster, David C. Schmittlein, and Souren Ouzounian.

Additional funds for acquisitions were provided by Karen & Gregory Arenson, Rhea Cohen, Leila Kinney, Joan L. Lewis, Bethany & Robert Millard, Sara Ann & Robert Sanders, Idee German Schoenheimer, Pepi Weiss, and the Friends of Boston Art.



Having [artwork] in my apartment made me look for beauty in my own ordinary possessions. It made me more aware of everything around me.
Jennifer Schloss, Graduate Student, Course 8 (Physics)
XGalleries Re-openingThe List Center galleries are now open to members of the MIT Community in the COVID Pass system. No appointments necessary. Click here to learn more.