Student Lending Art Program

The Student Lending Art Program is a unique and popular MIT tradition that allows MIT students to borrow original works of art from the MIT List Visual Arts Center.

The fully digitized collection includes more than 650 framed original works of art, primarily prints and photographs by leading contemporary artists, which are made available to students each September to live with for the school year. 

Students live with and care for a work from the collection. Participating students proudly hang artwork borrowed from the collection in their private rooms and communal spaces.  

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The List Center actively collects new works each year with leadership support provided by the Alan M. May Fund and the John Taylor Endowment.

Support for the program is provided by the Office of Graduate Education, Vera G. List, MIT’s Campus Activities Complex, MIT List Friends of Boston Art, Stanhope Framers, and the Council for the Arts at MIT.

In 2018–2019 the List Center received gifts of art from Cynthia and Michael Weisfield, Olga and John Guttag, Carlos de la Torre, Audrey and James Foster, David C. Schmittlein, and Souren Ouzounian.

Additional funds for acquisitions were provided by Karen & Gregory Arenson, Rhea Cohen, Leila Kinney, Joan L. Lewis, Bethany & Robert Millard, Sara Ann & Robert Sanders, Idee German Schoenheimer, Pepi Weiss, and the Friends of Boston Art.

Student Stories

“Living with the artwork has been a source of inspiration for me. I did some research on the artist, Audra Skuodas, and the ideas behind her work are very intriguing. She portrays the concept of vibrational vulnerability: the invisible phenomena of incremental cause and effect. Living with this art has introduced me to new ideas that I otherwise would not have encountered.”

Julia Chatterjee

A girl in a red striped shirt sits at her dorm desk with her laptop open and gazes at the posters on the wall in front of her.