This summer, we invite you to join us for our remote summer series, Replenish which will present five artist-designed sound experiences that encourage listeners to take a break and take a breath.

Practicing mindfulness allows us to experience art and experience the world slowly and without distraction. As many move swiftly back to the speed of life post-pandemic, more and more artistic practices are calling in these ideas around mindfulness. With a diverse compilation of sound experiences, each artist offers a unique take on what it means to replenish oneself, emphasizing the importance of self-care.

A new iteration of Replenish will be released on the List Center website every other Wednesday, from July 12 to September 6, 2023. Participants are invited to engage with the programs asynchronously throughout the season.

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This series will include audio files embedded on the List Center website. Screen-reader-enabled PDFs with audio descriptions—or transcripts where applicable—will also be available. 

Jules Gimbrone | July 12, 2023

For this first iteration of Replenish, Jules Gimbrone invites participants to consider when does noise become a signal? Both as a measurement in audio production (i.e. signal-to-noise ratio), and in a variety of cross-disciplinary analytics, determining what is considered “noise” versus what is considered “signal” is fundamental to assessing the values and beliefs of that system. 

Portrait of Jules Gimbrone looking to the right wearing a blue shirt and black glasses.

Victoria Shen | July 26, 2023

For the second iteration of Replenish, artist Victoria Shen a.k.a. Evicshen interrogates the nature of physical presence by using the inherent resonant frequencies of stringed instruments. These embodied sounds play off each other in stereo and the listener is invited to point their attention inward to experience the way sound can also resonate our spaces within.

Portrait of Victoria Shen holding a mic cord and biting a silver chain.

Darrin Martin | August 9, 2023

For the third iteration of Replenish, Darrin Martin invites participants to listen and observe, through his work Steel Tongue Accordion Ears that explores the space between melodic harmony and percussive disruption. The pounding of piano and typewriter keys join the chorus as a challenge to untether their distinct sounds from musical genre and written language, respectively.

An image of Darrin Martin, a grinning, bearded, middle-aged, white man with light brown and grey speckled hair looking into the camera lens. He has a short haircut and wears a black button up shirt with a grid of small grey dots covered in part by a brown leather jacket opened at the front. The background is blurred trees with dapples of blue sky showing through.

Lia Chavez | August 23, 2023

For the fourth iteration of Replenish, artist Lia Chavez asks the audience to focus and endure. Song of Fire is a ceremonial soundscape which was taught to Chavez by the stars. The song is a tool for restoring equilibrium to the cosmos and conversing with the element of fire.

Black and white portrait of Lia Chavez with her hands holding either side of her face.

Naama Tsabar | September 6, 2023

For the final iteration of Replenish, artist Naama Tsabar presents the listener with the choice to either succumb or be freed. The composition is a movement from lyrical structure into a sonic-landscape that envelopes and surrounds, in which we can momentarily drown or be liberated.

Portrait of Naama Tsabar wearing a dark blue sweater and button-down shirt. There are dry branches in the background in front a building.