This Way: Shannon Finnegan

July 7, 2021

Every two weeks throughout the summer, MIT List Visual Art Center will release a new artist-led experience. Each program consists of an audio file, and a PDF text. You are welcome to choose either to engage with—they will often be the same content, and are designed to offer different but comparable entry points, depending on whether you prefer to read or listen as you begin your experience or walk. An audio transcript can also be found below, and the PDF is screen-reader enabled.

For this edition of This Way, it’s time to get cozy as interdisciplinary artist, Shannon Finnegan invites participants to experience this prompt from the comfort of your own bed. With restfulness and remoteness in mind, this activity is best completed with a friend who is not physically with you.

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Audio Guide

This Way: Shannon Finnegan (PDF Prompt)

This Way: Shannon Finnegan (Audio Transcript)

About the Artist

Shannon Finnegan is a multidisciplinary artist. Some of their recent work includes Anti-Stairs Club Lounge, an ongoing project that gathers people together who share an aversion to stairs; Alt-Text as Poetry, a collaboration with Bojana Coklyat that explores the expressive potential of image description; and Do You Want Us Here or Not, a series of benches designed for exhibition spaces. Their work has been supported by a 2018 Wynn Newhouse Award, a 2019 residency at Eyebeam, and a 2020 grant from Art Matters Foundation.

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