Wall Drawing #254(White Lines From The Center Of A Yellow Wall To Specified Random Points)

Sol LeWitt


Sloan School of Management (Building E62) Breakout Lounge 275

Sol LeWitt began each of his wall drawings by creating a set of instructions. A draftsperson following these instructions can then realize the drawing on a wall. However, this is not a mechanical task.

The instructions for this wall drawing specifies that the draftsperson choose the particular placement of the lines’ endpoints given the wall’s specific dimensions; for example, when the work was executed previously it was oriented 90 degrees counterclockwise.

This drawing was executed by Anthony Sansotta, longtime assistant to LeWitt, assisted by Dirk Adams and Nell Gould. Each realized wall drawing belongs to a specific period of time. If it is to be relocated from its existing execution its current actualization must be obliterated and the piece redrawn.

As LeWitt wrote in 1970: “The wall drawing is a permanent installation, until destroyed.”

LeWitt’s practice has been formative for Conceptual art, a term which first appeared in the 1960s to describe art which emphasizes the intellectual processes involved in artistic production over the conventional formal concerns of painting and sculpture.

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Wall drawing


Black pencil descriptions, white crayon, yellow wall


Gift of Dorothy and Roy Lavine