Yael Bartana: Three Works

A young boy wearing a yarmulka watches from a doorway as carousing men dance in the street as part of the feast of Purim.

Video still, Yael Bartana, Ad de'lo Yoda (2003) Three Works, MIT List Visual Arts Center, 2004, DVD, color/no sound, 3 minutes long, Courtesy of Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam

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Yael Bartana
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This solo exhibition by Israeli artist Yael Bartana includes 3 short works, When Adar Enters (2004), Kings of the Hill (2003), and Ad De’lo Yoda (2003).

Bartana often focuses on the activities and rituals of everyday life in Israel. She is particularly interested rituals that may be unfamiliar to an international audience, and in uncovering the underlying themes within them.