Synthetic Spaces: Holography at MIT

ShowingOctober 1, 1990 - November 18, 1990


Stephen A. Benton

Sabrina Birner

Cliff Brett

David Chen

Bill Farmer

Alejandro Ferdman

Michael Halle

Krisztina Holly

Mark Holzbach

Mary Lou Jepson

Michael Klug

Joel Kollin

Eric Krantz

Jeff Kulick

Mark Lucente

Gerard Marks

William Moltini, Jr.

Wendy Plesniak

Patrick Purcell

Pierre St. Hilaire

Michael Teitel

John Underkoffler

Julie Walker

Hiroshi Yoshikawa


Over the past five years, some of the most important developments in computer-generated holography have originated in the Spatial Imaging laboratory of Dr. Stephen Benton and his students. Having invented the white-light “rainbow” hologram in the late 1960s, Dr. Benton continues his pioneering work using the most advanced computers to invent new types of holography.


Synthetic Spaces: Holography at MIT explores a range of recent technical and design innovations, and includes holographic three-dimensional portraits, computer-generated landscapes, medical visualizations from data off CAT and MRI scans, automotive CAD and architectural databases, and large-scale holograms, as well as documentation of wide-angle “Alcove Holography” and interactive “Holographic Video.” The exhibition was organized by guest curator Betsy Connos, a visual artist, holographer, and Spatial Imaging alumna, with List Center Curator Dana Friis-Hansen. 


Public Events:

Reception for the holographers Tuesday, October 2, 1990, 6 to 8pm

Gallery talk with Dr. Stephen Benton, Guest Curator Betsy Connors, and the holographers on Sunday, October 21, 3pm


Publication available. Illustrated brochure with a technical history and analysis of recent holographic developments.



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