Marjetica Potrc: Urgent Architecture

White nike sneakers with black and blue detailing and a clear box filled with electronic wires attached to each heel

Joseph Paradiso, Parasitic Power Shoes, 2004. Clothing and electronics, 8 x 4 x 4 in. Detail view, MIT List Visual Arts Center, 2004. Courtesy of Joseph A. Paradiso and the Responsive Environments Group, MIT Media Lab.

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Marjetica Potrc
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Marjetica Potrc: Urgent Architecture is the first United States museum survey of Slovenia-born artist and architect Marjetica Potrc since she was awarded the Guggenheim Museum Hugo Boss Prize in 2000.

Potrc has created a complex and visually arresting architectural collage based on her research in densely populated communities in Caracas, the West Bank, and West Palm Beach. She is also premiering a series of drawings of Boston’s Big Dig Project.


Marjetica Potrc: Urgent Architecture is organized by the Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art. This exhibition is made possible by the generous support of Robert and Mary Montgomery. It is made possible in Cambridge by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Council for Arts at MIT, and Edison Light Beer.