Marjetica Potrc: Urgent Architecture

2004, Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art
A blue cover for Marjetica Potrc: Urgent Architecture featuring the exhibition title in white, red, and black text.
2004, Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art

66 pages, color, and a DVD

Slovenian artist Marjetica Potrc discovers beauty in the unplanned urban landscapes of shantytowns, trailer parks, and barrios. In her installations in various art institutions across the globe, she sends instructions to the musum staff on how to build her installations — often inspired by a type of shelter found halfway across the world — out of local materials. Here she instructs/constructs a massive installation of housing units based on observations made of temporary shelters and gated communities in Caracas, the West Bank, and West Palm Beach. Urgent Architecture includes a DVD of an interview with the artist. A fully-illustrated 66-page catalogue. Produced by the Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, it includes texts by Carlos Basualdo, Liyat Esakov, Marjetica Potrc, Michael Rush, and Eyal Weizman. The Catalgue is accompanied by a DVD featuring an interview with Marjetica Potrc.