Choreographic Turn Daria Martin; Peter Welz in collaboration with William Forsythe

Huge video projections showing a man’s body in motion cover multiple walls. A projector light shines like a bright star at the camera.

Peter Welz in collaboration with William Forsythe, whenever on on on nohow on | airdrawing (2004), five channel synchronized DVDs, 100 minutes, Dimensions variable, Installation view, MIT List Visual Arts Center, 2006, Courtesy of the artist

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William Forsythe
Daria Martin
Peter Welz
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This exhibition features a 16mm film entitled Soft Materials by Daria Martin, an American artist living and working in London, and a large five-screen video installation entitled whenever on on on nohow on / airdrawing by German artist Peter Welz in collaboration with celebrated dancer/choreographer William Forsythe.

In bringing together the work of these artists, curator Bill Arning offers audiences the opportunity to consider the space between dance and moving image in contemporary art practice. There is a growing history and cultural practice of choreocinema, or dance on film/video, a hybrid art form that offers previously unavailable experiences of dance. Choreographic Turn celebrates this exciting shift in cultural practice by showing two recent extraordinary iterations of this new form-film/video installations offering new modes of experiencing the art of bodies in motion.