Spice Trade: Workshop with Ethan Hayes-Chute

September 27, 2016
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Talk / Lecture
Various bottles and jars of spices labeled "Rust Dust" and "Spice O Life" by artist Ethan Hayes-Chute.

Ethan Hayes-Chute, Bottles and jars from Contemporary Spice Rack, 2012. Jars, bottles various containers, mixed contents, Epson HX-20 printouts, dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist.

Spice Trade - a collaboratively produced spice mixture for the time we live in.

We all use spices, herbs and salty things to bring our food to some level of completion. We often take this for granted, despite all of the anguish and confusion, to put it lightly, that spices have caused over the years. Instead of sailing halfway around the world, we merely need to amble over to the local market and get a bottle of Mrs. Dash. But we can improve on that, no?

You are heartily invited to Spice Trade at the MIT List Visual Arts Center!

As a group, we will be exploring, perusing and blending a custom sprinkle-y spice-based mixture for later use in some aspect of this contemporary life we’re living. Participants are requested to bring with them a small sample of their favorite granular matter for inclusion into the evening’s mixture.

Please bring some two-handfull-ish-sized amount of stuff; spice, herb, grain, particle, etc— whether it be so fine as a powder or coarse as something like a marble*, and anywhere in between, however: not something wet or something that will rot, please. Somehow, it’s something you have an affinity for or interest in or somehow relates to your daily culinary/domestic/fantasy/ life, in someway. 

As a group, we will discuss the individual ingredients and what they mean to each supplier as well as the connotations of the concoction we make, and it’s potential uses. We will then develop a name for the mixture as well as design rudimentary branding for the custom blend, which we’ll then package and distribute.

All participants walk away with their own bottle of spice, or whatever it is that we make, to add to their spice collection.

*if it IS big, like a marble**, please bring at least 25 (or multiples of 25) of them as we’ll be making 25 bottles of spice. 


Registration is required for this event and space is very limited.


This event is sponsored by HUBWeek.