Graduate Student Talk: Nicolás Consuegra

December 7, 2017
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Talk / Lecture
A black and white checkered fur blanket sits on multiple stilt structures in a gallery space.

Heimo Zobernig: chess painting, installation view at MIT List Visual Arts Center, 2017. Photo: Peter Harris Studio

Take a look at the List’s exhibitions from a new perspective. Join Nicolás Consuegra (MIT Program in Art, Culture, and Technology) to discover more about Heimo Zobernig: Chess Painting

About the Speaker 

Nicolás Consuegra is currently pursuing his Masters in MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology (ACT). He is deeply interested in the issues of heterogeneity, seriality, and appropriation, and uses these concepts to take a plural and disobedient approach to his subjects of study. Consuegra’s artistic practice aims to address issues related to the contexts of production and exhibition, as well as the types of audiences that relate to these contexts. Over the past few years he has concentrated on topics that deal with representation (both artistic and cultural), and analyzing them from a colonial and postcolonial standpoint. He’s also focused much of his research on the study of space, and how architecture acts as a porous and non-neutral discipline that indirectly instructs us on how to live together in society. This research has lead him to develop both discreet sculptural pieces and large-format installations that explore the notions and conventions we have about objects, public space, and private space. 

About the Series

Graduate Student Gallery Talks at the List present focused explorations of our current exhibitions and are led by an MIT graduate student. These interdisciplinary talks examine art through the lens of students’ research, backgrounds, and interests.