Curator Tour: List Projects 28: Sophie Friedman-Pappas and TJ Shin

February 2, 2024
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Exhibition Tour
Public Program
Three metal poles extend from floor to ceiling. Two or three framed works on paper are attached to each one. Nearest to the camera, one work appears to be a printed document with some lines redacted; another is a drawing with a geometric layout resembling an architectural plan. The frames appear to be able to rotate around the poles.

Untitled (Travelogue 1-32), 2023. Installation view: List Projects 28: Sophie Friedman-Pappas and TJ Shin, MIT List Visual Arts Center, 2023. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Dario Lasagni

Join List Center Assistant Curator Selby Nimrod for a closing tour of List Projects 28: Sophie Friedman-Pappas and TJ Shin

This guided exhibition walkthrough and conversation offers an opportunity to view the second in the season of three experimental List Projects exhibitions that foreground and support artistic collaborations. Over the coming year, each show will pair two artists who share a history of conversation and foster their continued dialogue through a joint commission. This exhibition will include individual works by both Friedman-Pappas and Shin, as well as a newly commissioned collaborative work. Discover with the curator how this experimental exhibition series is unfolding and gain a deeper understanding of the works on view.