Curator Tour: List Projects 25

September 1, 2022
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Exhibition Tour
Public Program
Gallery with grey walls and flooring featuring two monitors facing back-to-back on an open steel sculpture that runs throughout the gallery with two welded steel drawings in the background.

In the place of annihilation, where all the past was present and returned transformed, 2022. Installation view: List Projects 25: Azza El Siddique, MIT List Visual Arts Center, 2022. Courtesy the artist and Helena Anrather, New York. Photo: Mel Taing. Courtesy MIT List Visual Arts Center

Join List Center Assistant Curator, Selby Nimrod for a walk through of List Projects 25: Azza El Siddique.

This guided exhibition walkthrough and conversation offers a closer look at Azza El Siddique’s site-specific installation–a sculptural environment that engages the auditory, olfactory, and visual senses, and foregrounds processes of material transformation. El Siddique’s commission at the List Center uncovers intertwined personal and ancient histories of fragrances used in Sudanese Bukhoor incense, and includes elements that will transform and degrade over time. Discover how the work has changed over the course the exhibition and experience the residual effects. This tour offers insight into the curatorial process, especially the commission and production of an artwork that transforms over time. 

We will continue to follow MIT’s COVID protocols