Subversive Crafts

1993, MIT List Visual Arts Center
Book cover for Subversive Crafts featuring black circles with paint on them and red binding.
1993, MIT List Visual Arts Center

ISBN: 0-938437-44-5, LC: 93-78548 paper, 60 pages, color illus., bios. and biblios.

This exhibition brings together the work of twelve artists from the United States and Canada who undermine the decorative and comfortable domesticity usually associated with crafts. Though crafts have too often been considered the stepchildren of the more intellectual and elevated “Fine Arts”, these subversive crafts people acknowledge the realm of the familiar and homey everyday object as a powerful milieu to provide an intimate, experiential and incisive commentary on the emotive conditions of contemporary life. Artists: Laura Baird, Kate Boyan, Lou Cabeen, Nancy Edell, John Garret, Anne Kraus, Keith Lewis, Paul Mathieu, Matt Nolen, Richard Notkin, Leslie Sampson, Jane Sauer, Joyce Scott, Barbara Todd, and Lillian Tyrell. Introductory essay and essays on individual artists by Katy Kline.