Sonia Almeida: Forward / Play / Pause

2014, MIT List Visual Arts Center
Book cover for Sonia Almeida: Forward / Play / Pause featuring one of her paintings with a yellow and orange background behind black brushstrokes.
2014, MIT List Visual Arts Center

ISBN 9780938437802 96 pages plus two page supplement, 96 color

This limited edition artist’s book was produced on the occasion of Sonia Almeida’s first U.S. solo exhibition, Forward/Play/Pause, at the MIT List Visual Arts Center. The work of Sonia Almeida explores the disjunction between our phenomenal experience of color and the ways in which the scientific analysis of color is thought to provide facts about reality. In doing so, Almeida explores the limits of abstraction, as well as how elements traditionally associated with other mediums and disciplines—such as film and textiles, translation and information—can be operative in painting. Her artist’s book features full color reproductions of images from her sketchbooks or graphical notebooks, as well as a text by MIT List Assistant Curator Alise Upitis. Artist’s Book in an edition of 1000.