Paul Pfeiffer

2003, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Book cover for Paul Pfeiffer featuring a manipulated photograph of a filled basketball arena and a single player, jumping with one hand up to block a shot
2003, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

paper, 63 pages, color, black and white

Using advanced technology to transform and isolate moments from movies and televised sporting events, Paul Pfeiffer’s work examines contemporary notions of racial and sexual identity and how we respond to the human body when it is placed in extreme situations such as ecstasy and pain. Pfeiffer’s work also explores issues of time and the increasingly blurry distinction between reality and representation in everyday life. A fully-illustrated 64-page catalogue. Produced by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and the MIT List Visual Arts Center, it features a foreword by Jane Farver and Robert Fitzpatrick; essays by Lawrence Chua, Jane Farver, and Dominic Molon and a conversation between Paul Pfeiffer and John Baldessari.