Muntadas: Between the Frames: The Forum

1995, MIT List Visual Arts Center
White book cover for Muntadas: Between the Frames: The Forum with the title in large, bold lettering.
1995, MIT List Visual Arts Center

ISBN: 0-938437-49-6, LC: 31860 paper, 48 pages, color and b/w illus., bio. and biblio.

A document of the video installation by Spanish artist Antonio Muntadas, this catalog includes stills from the installation, comments from Muntadas, and production notes from Caterina Borelli. Between The Frames confronts viewers with a provocative series of interviews casting light on the practices and values embedded in the institutional presentation of contemporary art. It is a rich and illuminating stimulus to discourse — addressing as it does a variety of cultural practices from a truly international perspective. Published by the List Visual Arts Center and the Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio State University, the catalog includes essays by Wexner Centercurator of new media Bill Horrigan and independent curator Debra Balken.