Melanie Smith: Spiral City & Other Vicarious Pleasures

2006, A&R Press
Book cover for Melanie Smith: Spiral City & Other Vicarious Pleasures featuring a grainy, black and white photograph of a city from above.
2006, A&R Press

ISBN: 978-968-9056-07-2 208 pages, color

English-born Melanie Smith has lived and worked in Mexico City for nearly two decades. Her work reflects the social, economic, and aesthetic patterns of the city and how these patterns translate to an artistic form. Spiral City & Other Vicarious Pleasures features paintings, photography, and video works by Melanie Smith as well as collaborations with other artists. Smith uses colors, textures, materials, and found objects from the urban environment in examining the complex and chaotic visual elements that compose the megalopolis that is Mexico City. This exhibition catalogue features text by curator Cuauhtemoc Medina, as well as contributions by Essex University art history professor Dawn Ades, author and Royal College of Art professor David Batchelor, and Mexican artist Eduardo Abaroa.