The Masculine Masquerade: Masculinity and Representation

1995, MIT Press
Black book cover for The Masculine Masquerade: Masculinity and Representation featuring a cobalt blue mars symbol to represent the male sex.
1995, MIT Press

ISBN: 0-262-16154-0(hc) 160 pages, artist bios. and biblios.

While the subject of the feminine has been explored in depth over the past generation, until very recently its counterpart, masculinity, has been largely ignored in contemporary art exhibitions. This thematic exhibition explores the social construction of masculinity through the works of eleven artists, including Matthew Barney, Tina Barney, Clegg & Guttman, Graham Durward, Lyle Ashton Harris, Dale Kistemaker, Mary Kelly, Donald Moffett, Keith Piper, Charles Ray and Michael Yue Tong. The fully illustrated catalog examines postwar views on masculinity from an interdisciplinary perspective. In addition to a primary focus on the visual arts, masculinity in sociology, literature, cultural studies and the mass media are also examined. Contributors include co-curators Helaine Posner and Andrew Perchuk, Simon Watney, Harry Brod, Steven Cohan, bell hooks, and Glenn Ligon.