Jill Reynolds: The Shape of Breath

1997, MIT List Visual Arts Center
Book cover for Jill Reynolds: The Shape of Breath featuring a cobalt blue background where glass bubbles appear to float in space.
1997, MIT List Visual Arts Center

ISBN: 0-938437-55-0 paper, 20 pages, full color illustrations

This catalogue fully documents Reynolds’ Winter 1997 exhibition The Shape of Breath. As artist-in-residence, Reynolds completed the installation on site in the List Visual Arts Center’s Bakalar gallery, where visitors could observe the artist at work as she individually blew by hand more than 10,000 glass bubbles. The stems of each delicate bubble were then inserted into a curved, backlit wall within the darkened gallery, transforming it into a simulacrum of a night sky. In her work, Reynolds seeks poetic metaphors for communication and language, and ways for making tangible and forcefully present the ways in which human presence is inextricably linked to the landscape and universe around us. With essays by Katy Kline, LVAC director and Steven Pinker, Director of the MIT Center for Cognitive Neuroscience.