Face-to-Face: Recent Abstract Painting

1996, MIT List Visual Arts Center
Yellow book cover for Face-to-Face: Recent Abstract Painting featuring thin white letters in orderly rows running vertically down the cover.
1996, MIT List Visual Arts Center

ISBN: 0-938437-52-6 paper, 32 pages, 10 color reproductions, artist bios and biblios.

Much recent art has involved overt social and political topics and has included text or recognizeable, often media-based imagery. How is looking at a painting without immediate external refernce a different experience for the viewer? While this exhibition makes no claim for comprehensivity, the variety of strategies employed by the ten participating artists demonstrate the vitality and relevance of abstraction as it approaches its centennial. Artists: Fandra Chang, April Hankins, Prudencio Irazabal, Shirley Kaneda, Byron Kim, David Ortins, Fabian Marcaccio, Dona Nelson, Jo Ann Rothschild, Sandy Walker. Essay by Katy Kline. Artist entries by curators Katy Kline, Ron Platt and Helaine Posner.