Cheyney Thompson: Metric, Pedestal, Landlord, Cabengo, Récit

2013, Koening Books, London
Book cover for Cheyney Thompson: Metric, Pedestal, Landlord, Cabengo, Récit featuring an aqua background with a white graphic on the left side.
2013, Koening Books, London

ISBN 9783863351540 200 pgs, 104 color, 52 b&w

This publication was produced on the occasion of Cheyney Thompson’s first monographic museum survey Metric, Pedestal, Landlord, Cabengo, Récit at the MIT List Visual Arts Center. Cheyney Thompson has made the technology, production and distribution of painting the subject of his work. His Chronochromes (2009-2011) are composed using the color system devised by Albert H. Munsell in the early 1900s. Thompson grafts this system onto a calendar: each day is assigned a complementary hue pair, with every hour changing the value, and every month changing the saturation, of each brushstroke. The catalogue features texts by Simon Baier, Yve-Alain Bois, Ann Lauterbach and MIT List Curator João Ribas.