Charlotte Moth Travelogue

2017, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein and
Forest green book cover for Charlotte Moth Travelogue featuring the title in small silver lettering.
2017, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein and

ISBN 978-3-86442-188-4 (244 pgs, color and b&w illustrations)

This flexicover book, co-published by Snoeck and Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, is the first comprehensive monographic publication on the work of Paris based artist Charlotte Moth (b. 1978) This publication coincides with Moth’s first US museum exhibition Seeing while Moving at the MIT List Visual Arts Center.  Charlotte Moth sets out to discover the mysterious in the familiar, focusing her attention on the spaces and objects with which we live. She uses photography and film, slide projections, and sculptural arrangements to explore the conditions of perceiving materiality in space and time. Travelogue brings together photographs of Moth s researches since 1999 (alongside texts by Eva Birkenstock, Penelope Curtis, Kasia Redzisz, and the artist herself). Moth - educated at the Royal College of Art, London - often chooses architectural icons or art-historical topics as the subjects of her projects: her travels have brought her to Ibiza on the trail of the late Dadaist Raoul Hausman, and to St. Ives, England, where she visited the studio of British sculptor Barbara Hepworth.