Adel Abdessemed: Situation and Practice

2008, MIT List Visual Arts Center
Book cover for Adel Abdessemed: Situation and Practice featuring a black sketch of a circle divided into sections with handwritten notes throughout.
2008, MIT List Visual Arts Center

ISBN: 978-0-938437-70-4 128 pages, color photos and illustration

Adel Abdessemed: Situation and Practice features a collection of Abdessemed’s previous street “acts” as well as several works created specifically for this exhibition. Abdessemed works in video, animation, performance, and installation, taking on topics such as religion, sexuality, and more recently, global violence. While many consider his pieces performative, Abdessemed refers to his work simply as “acts” acknowledging the political implications of the term. This exhibition catalogue includes essays by List Visual Arts Center director Jane Farver; professor, author, and editor Tom McDonough; art critic, columnist, teacher, and curator Pier Luigi Tazzi; and an interview with MIT professor of Linguistics (Emeritus) Linguistic Theory, Syntax, Semantics, Philosophy of Language, Noam Chomsky, conducted by Adel Abdessemed.