Health Services Building, 1982

Romaldo Giurgola
Red brick building with lots of windows and a glass atrium in the center with a pyramidal top.

Romaldo Giurgola, MIT Health Service Building, 1982.

Building E23
Romaldo Giurgola

Romaldo Giurgola received an undergraduate degree in Architecture from the University of Rome in 1949 and a Master’s degree from Columbia University in 1951. From 1954, he was a professor at Cornell, the University of Pennsylvania, and Columbia, before becoming chair of the Columbia architectural department in 1966.

He became a partner with Ehrman B. Mitchell with whom he founded the Philadelphia firm Mitchell/Giurgola in 1958. In 1966, Giurgola established a New York office of the firm. When Mitchell/Giurgola won the competition for Parliament House in Canberra in 1980, Mitchell/Giurgola & Thorp was established in Canberra and later in Sydney, Australia. Giurgola retired from the firm in 1990.Mitchell/Giurgola designed Whitaker College (Bldg. E25) and the Health Services Building (Bldg. E23) at MIT.

Other designs by Giurgola and include the Wright Brothers Memorial Visitor Center, Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina; United Fund Headquarters Building, Philadelphia; Lang Music Building, Swarthmore College; Sherman Fairchild Center, Columbia University; INA Tower, Philadelphia; Casa Thomas Jefferson, Brasília, Brazil; Penn Mutual Tower, Philadelphia; and Parliament House, Canberra, Australia. He was awarded the Gold Medal, American Institute of Architects, and the Gold Medal from the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.Romaldo Giurgola moved to Australia in the 1980s. He adopted Australian citizenship in 2000 and currently lives and works in Canberra.Photo by Paola Giurgola