This Way: Rafael Domenech

Every two weeks throughout the summer, MIT List Visual Art Center will release a new artist-led experience. Each program consists of an audio file, and a PDF text. You are welcome to choose either to engage with—they will often be the same content, and are designed to offer different but comparable entry points, depending on whether you prefer to read or listen as you begin your experience or walk. An audio transcript can also be found below, and the PDF is screen-reader enabled.

For this edition of This Way, interdisciplinary artist Rafael Domenech shares a prompt for moving beyond your periphery.

A purposeful misconstruction of a situation with no future invites participants to engage in a series of posters and poems through simple actions to create your own experience guided by Domenech. Tracing, tearing apart, and leaving behind, this prompt asks “where will you begin and where will you end?”

About the Artist

Rafael Domenech is an interdisciplinary artist living between New York and Miami. He explores and employs notions of architecture, urban design, and contemporary material productions to develop and produce different typologies of objects and spaces, such as experimental publications, pavilions, installations, and public programs. Domenech’s spatial interventions intersect publishing methodologies such as cutting, redacting, revising, and circulation as research tactics to amplify his interest in the exhibition model as an active machine for production rather than a repository space. He is currently preparing for a collaborative exhibition at the Bass Museum. His work has been exhibited at SculptureCenter, New York; Socrates Sculpture Park, New York; The Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York; The Bass Museum, Miami Beach; Phillip and Patricia Frost Art Museum, Miami; Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York; Artium Museum, Vitoria, Spain; Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami; and Hua International Gallery, Berlin, and Beijing. He was the recipient of an award from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Tulsa Artist Fellowship, and the Cintas Fellowship. He holds an MFA from Columbia University.

This Way: Rafael Domenech