Jorge Pardo


Warehouse Dormitory
(Building NW30) ceiling

Jorge Pardo’s design covers not the walls, but the ceiling of the Graduate Dormitory at 224 Albany Street. Pardo was selected to design a work for the new 224 Albany Street dormitory by a committee that included the dormitory housemaster, the renovation architects, graduate students, and MIT Facilities project staff.

The similarity of this space to others with which he had worked, his embrace of functional building materials and design elements such as lighting, and his strong color sense all suggested he would be able to transform the public lobby space and give it a special character. He designed a vibrantly hued ceiling, which has been silk screened on the acoustic tiles by Jo Watanabe Studio of Brooklyn, NY, and also hand-painted on the metal hanging system.

*Note - this artwork is only accessible by guided tour.

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Silkscreened ceiling panel installation


Commissioned with MIT Percent-for-Art Funds

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