Two Indeterminate Lines

Bernar Venet


Sloan School of Management,
River Court lawn (Bldg. E62)

Following an intensive period of work with conceptual art, Bernar Venet halted his art production in the mid-1970s while he lectured and taught and contemplated his theories of art. When he recommenced sculpting, he created works based on mathematics and geometrical angles and arcs. From these series, possibly as a reaction to Minimalism and as a conversation with his own earlier work, he began a series based on randomly created lines.

Two Indeterminate Lines, 1993, recalls Dadaist games of chance in the directionless dynamism of the contorted bars. The sleek, curved forms conjure up images of Surrealist automatic writings and drawings, of intuitive rather than rational thought. As with other sculptures in Venet’s Indeterminate Lines series, this work was improvised first in uncharted scribbles or doodle-like sketches on the artist’s studio floor.

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  • Bernar Venet, Two Indeterminate Lines, 1993
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Bernar Venet






Rolled steel


87 in. x 87 in. x 98.5 in. (220.98 cm x 220.98 cm x 250.19 cm)


Gift of Elliot K. Wolk, MIT Class of 1957

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