Thomas Kovachevich: Lessons and Characters (Artist-in-Residence)

A performer places triangular pieces of paper on a spotlit red table top. Viewers sit in front in the darkness.

Installation view, Thomas Kovachevich: Lessons and Characters (Artist-in-Residence), MIT List Visual Arts Center, 1986

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Thomas Kovachevich
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Throughout his month-long residency with the List Visual Arts Center, Tom Kovachevich, a Chicago-based doctor, sculptor, and performance artist, met with various members of the MIT community, including a fellow physician, a chemist, an anthropologist, and a choreographer, which provided him with an opportunity to discuss his work with specialists in an informal public forum.

His aim is to allow people to experience, in an ongoing and intimate way, the various stages involved in the evolution and realization of what an artist does. Both his performances and sculptural installations involve geometric characters, made of paper membranes, which are activated by environmental conditions such as heat and humidity.