Son et Lumière

Green graphic text reads “things witch can not happend in real life! Register just now!!” on black background

Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin, Listening Post, 2002. 31 miniature text display screens and other electronic components, copper wire, aluminum, loudspeakers, and software; 21 x 14 x 3 ft. Courtesy of the artists. Photo by David Allison.

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Jennifer Allora
Bruce Bemis
Guillermo Calzadilla
Mark Hansen
Ann Lislegaard
Michael Mittelman
Ben Rubin
Jessica Rylan
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Son et Lumière is an exhibition of eight artists who work with the basic elements of sound and/or light to create immersive experiences that dazzle the senses and stimulate the mind.

Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, Bruce Bemis, Ann Lislegaard, Michael Mittelman, Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin, and Jessica Rylan create large-scale installations that use LED screens, film projections, hidden cameras, sub-sonic and directional speakers, and simple light bulbs. In each, the elements are recoded in some way, so that the viewer encounters the unexpected.