Natural Forms and Forces: Abstract Images in American Sculpture

Organically shaped sculptures hang from the ceiling and walls. Each sculpture is spotlit, creating shadows on the floor.

Installation view, Natural Forms and Forces: Abstract Images in American Sculpture, MIT List Visual Arts Center, 1986.

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Lynda Benglis
Luca Buvoli
John Duff
Nancy Graves
Ellsworth Kelly
Michael Lekakis
John Newman
Martin Puryear
Theodore Roszak
Robert Smithson
Alan Saret
Richard Serra
Alan Stone
Ruth Vollmar
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The show reflects upon the enduring identification with natural forms and forces of the best American art of the 20th century. 

Fully-illustrated 68-page catalogue with essays by Douglas Dreishpoon and Katy Kline. 


This exhibition has been organized by the MIT Committee on the Visual Arts and Fine Arts Planning Group/Boston with generous support from Bank of Boston and the National Endowment for the Arts.