Nancy Spero: Works Since 1950

Six varyingly sized pastel sketches of human figures in muted greyscale color tones hang on adjacent gallery walls.

Installation view, Nancy Spero: Works Since 1950, MIT List Visual Arts Center, 1988. Archival slide.

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Nancy Spero
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Drawing upon sources as diverse as prehistoric legends, classical art, modern literature, and contemporary politics, Nancy Spero has created both intimate and  epic-scale works which address many of the crucial aesthetic and cultural issues of our era in a bold and captivating manner. 

Text and images are non-linear in Spero’s work. She presents us with figurative images interacting with text, referencing the history of violence towards women. The resulting works are both violent and liberating, integrating broad gestural images with printed text from letterpress plates. 

A gallery talk by Nancy Spero will be given October 20 at 7pm, and another gallery talk by Dana Friis-Hansen, assistant curator, will be given November 20 at 4pm. Catalogue with essay by Katy Kline and Helaine Posner. 


Organized by the Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse. Presentation at MIT made possible with support from the Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanities and the New England Foundation for the Arts.