Kota Ezawa: Three Works

Installation view of Kota Ezawa: Three Works at MIT List Visual Arts Center, 2007.

Installation view, Kota Ezawa: Three Works, MIT List Visual Arts Center, 2007.

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Kota Ezawa
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Mixing images from film and television, fiction and news, as well as the present and the past, Kota Ezawa reenergizes images dulled through repetition in a culture in which moving images are ubiquitous.

His works are in the form of insistently flat animated renderings of scenes both infamous and familiar that remake the everyday as strange. Art critic Jan Tumlir states that Ezawa’s works “extract the highly volatile element of actuality from the enveloping layers of mediation.” That the artist’s deadpan renderings can make the images more immediate rather than more distant is part of the paradoxical nature of Ezawa’s works. This unique quality makes them hold their power upon repeated viewings.


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