Keith Fullerton Whitman: Travel

A visitor stands in front of a video projection in a hallway showing a view of a bridge over a river with buildings visible.

Installation view, Keith Fullerton Whitman: Travel, MIT List Visual Arts Center, 2006.

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Keith Fullerton Whitman
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The inspiration for Whitman’s Travel is today’s frenetic lifestyle: as distances across the world shrink, they are also becoming more condensed and confusing. The music and visual images in Whitman’s thirteen-minute-long video constantly keep the viewer moving between the state of arrival and departure.

A personal and introspective work, Travel is a diary of Whitman’s globetrotting lifestyle, a consequence of his career as a noted artist in the field of electronic music. Views of landscapes, cityscapes, station platforms, and arrival halls represent a constant state of disorientation — a permanent condition of travel and motion. The thirteen-minute piece is a prototype for a forthcoming one hour-long version.