The Fury of the Saints

Four spotlit sculptures of saints in style of Cotan, in various pious positions with reflections and video projection on floor. 

Installation view, The Fury of the Saints, MIT List Visual Arts Center, 1997. Archival slide. 

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Francesc Torres
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Four polychromed sculptural figures, rendered in the style of the Spanish artist Cotan, who painted slain martyrs, comprise the focal point of this work, which explores faith as the engine of history.

The four figures are accompanied by a video projection directed at the floor, which is covered in salt, of a couple in an ambiguous embrace, somewhere between lovemaking and fighting. This is the first U.S. presentation of The Fury of the Saints following a recent European tour of the installation.

Exhibition organized by Helaine Posner, curator, MIT List Visual Arts Center. Exhibition coordination by Jon Roll.