Student Loan Art Program: Return Week

May 12 - 15, 2015
Event Types
MIT Community
A man poses with an artwork next to a sign that reads " Albert and Vera List Visual Arts Center"
List Visual Arts Center Gallery Reception Desk 20 Ames Street, Bldg. E15 Cambridge MA, 02139
Day & Time

Borrowers of Student Loan Art Program works must return artwork to the List Gallery Reception Desk from Tuesday, May 12 through Friday, May 15. Undergraduate borrowers must return work during this time. Graduate borrowers can keep their artwork until August, but may return their artwork during the above times if needed; see below for details.

A List Center staff member will be there to receive the artwork and to sign a receipt that releases you from the loan contract you signed last fall. (Please note: the List offices are not open on the weekends.)

For Undergraduates: 

You must return your borrowed artwork to have your records cleared before the end of the academic year. If your artwork is not returned by 6:00 PM on Friday May 15th, and we have not heard from you, a registration hold may be placed on your grades or degree. If for some reason you are unable to return your work to the List Center during the hours listed below, please call or email Alison Hatcher to make other arrangements. 

For Graduates:

Graduate students may keep their Student Loan artwork through the summer; a scheduled Return Week will be held August 4 through 7, with details to follow later this summer. BUT, if you won’t be here in August (or if your summer plans are uncertain), please plan to return your artwork during the hours listed below. 

Hours for returns are:

Tuesday, May 12, Noon to 6 PM 

Wednesday, May 13, Noon to 6 PM

Thursday, May 14, Noon to 8 PM

Friday, May 15, Noon to 6 PM

PLEASE REMEMBER: Do not return the artwork in wet weather! Even when wrapped, an artwork can be damaged by moisture.